Three Minute Meditator David Harp

ISBN: 9780918321084

Published: May 1st 1988



Three Minute Meditator  by  David Harp

Three Minute Meditator by David Harp
May 1st 1988 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, ZIP | | ISBN: 9780918321084 | 5.41 Mb

I read the fifth edition of this book, which has a different sub-title to the first four. It should be pointed out that this book is written by David Harp and his twin sister, Nina Smiley.What I really liked about this book was how it encouraged me to keep trying to meditate although breath exercises and a 15-30 minute daily chunk of time had always seemed too overwhelming a task in the past.

I felt enabled in my goal because David and Nina offered all sorts of different ways of meditating and I was able to find several that worked for me when in the past Ive never been able to meditate by focusing on my breath because I start hyperventilating. They also showed how you can incorporate meditation easily into your busy daily life in order to build the skill slowly but surely.I also liked how they blended meditation with some aspects of CBT and ACT (although they dont mention these theories).If I had one thing I didnt like about the book, it was the way in which everything they suggested was given its own label, which seemed to me to unnecessarily complicate things.

I found it overkill to trademark Mental Muscle every time it was mentioned and unnecessary to create special names for every little technique and type they suggested. But perhaps thats just a picky preference of my own.This book gave me much food for thought and was really useful. I would highly recommend it to anyone who has had difficulties learning to meditate in the past but still wants to master this useful life skill.

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