Reflections on What Really Matters Mark Peter Bodholdt

ISBN: 9781414107899

Published: July 1st 2007


204 pages


Reflections on What Really Matters  by  Mark Peter Bodholdt

Reflections on What Really Matters by Mark Peter Bodholdt
July 1st 2007 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, ZIP | 204 pages | ISBN: 9781414107899 | 6.33 Mb

This book is intended to promote revival. It is intended to promote revival in four great areas. The first area has to do with man himself and his spiritual life. The place of God, Jesus the Christ, and the Trinity is explored at a presuppositional level.

It is then demonstrated how the gospel, as defined in the Bible and in its three distinct messages, answers all of mans needs according to the purpose of God. The second area has to do with man and how he investigates the creation in which he lives, and the importance of the presuppositions he makes relative to the creation, origins of life, knowledge, and science.

An alternative worldview is proposed. The third area has to do with the Church. Not only is an analysis made of why the Church is so weak and largely ineffective, especially in the West, but effective counter measures and strategies are proposed concerning the Church as an organization, as an organism, and relative to its discipleship mandate.

Th e fourth area has to do with what impact the previous ideas developed in the book have on the nations, government, the practice of the virtues, and money. Finally, there is a sneak preview in to what the Bible says about the future. God wants you to have fullness of life, not only in the future, but now.

Mark Peter Bodholdt is a Pastor, engineer, teacher, painter, writer, electrician, carpenter, and plumber. Reflections covers a lifetime of his thought, thought which is artfully and passionately put down for your edification, drawn from the great diversity of his experiences.

Reflections is the story about the pursuit of truth in the life of a person committed to that pursuit and the great spiritual discoveries that came out ofthat pursuit.

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